Magnitude 908g
Magnitude 908g


Magnitude Powder 908g

Magnesium has many roles within the body including the health of nerve endings and fibres, and a lack of magnesium may show in a horse as tension or nervousness. Magnitude is a highly absorbable form of Magnesium that should be fed daily to horses or ponies to promote healthy nerve tissue and reduce nervous tension. 
For very young, excitable or overzealous horses, requiring focus, increased concentration and calming, a product from the So-Kalm Plus Range will be more suitable. So-Kalm Plus Paste may also be used as a pre-competition addition alongside Magnitude. 


908g (6 month supply) 
Product ref: MGT 

Customer Feedback

Thanks to Anna French for the following feedback about Equine America's effective product Magnitude:
''Just wanted to let you know that I've recently had great success with Magnitude. My mare had previously lived with geldings fine, but hadn't done so in a few years and, since getting our gelding at the end of January, she'd been really OTT when in season - bargy, no impulse control, nervy, unable to concentrate or stand still, jumping fences and running through powered electric tape etc. I'd tried her on another magnesium product, which had worked for the gelding, but it had had no effect at all. Cheryle Seedhouse recommended Magnitude and it has made a MASSIVE difference. She's been on it about a week and came into season yesterday and she is lovely and chilled and just her normal self, with the odd bit of squirting and calling to her friend. I rode her today, which I haven't bothered with when she's been in season for a few months, and she was a little star - she did everything that was asked of her, tried really hard and took no notice at all of the gelding, who was galloping up and down next to the school fence, bucking! I just wish I'd tried it sooner! It's so nice to see her happy and relaxed again, not anxious and neurotic, as she had been. Thank you!''


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