Equine America Fly Repel Gel
Equine America Fly Repel Gel


Fly Repel  Gel with a new improved formulation which contains Lemongrass Oil, Teatree Oil, Lavender Oil, Citronella Extract and Ethyl Buthanol.

This innovative natural equine Fly Gel is perfect for the horses that you care about. Specially formulated for horses and ponies, this fly repellent gives superior natural protection from troublesome biting flies and so can prevent the diseases that they carry. Equine America Fly Repel Gel is an essential horse care health product for long lasting fly deterrent.

Sales and testimonials have been very encouraging with superior performances in tests than DEET and NEEM. The natural ingredients (see below) allow safe use for both horse and rider. Take care when applying around the eyes.

This Fly Gel is a much safer, more humane alternative as apposed to the likes of DEET which has many different side effects that can severely harm your horse. This is why with Equine America's Fly Repel Gel we are confident that with the natural ingredients used you would not encounter any of the same problems.


Citrapel Exctract- Citrepel is a great natural fly repellent based mainly on eucalyptus oils. Its effectiveness has been increased through increasing the levels of known actives within the natural oils. Citrepel is effective against midges, sand fly, horse fly, stable fly and ticks as well as mosquitoes. The results of independent toxicity studies indicate that PMD can be rated as having a very low order of toxicity. Summary conclusions determine that Citrepel, containing the active PMD, is safe and non-irritant when formulated as an insect repellent.

Tee tree Oil- Tea tree oil is one of the many herbal/plant solutions which can be used to sooth horses but can also be a highly effective treatment for a wide spectrum of ailments. It has been proven that tee tree oil is highly effective with horses, and it helps to avoid irritation when applying certain products. Tea tree oil is an essential oil distilled (steam distillation process) from the leaves of the paperbark tree species melaleuca alternifolia.

Lavender Oil- Lavender essential oil's unique floral-herbaceous aroma and relatively safe and gentle aromatherapeutic action make it one of the most important aromatherapy essential oils. Aromatherapists name lavender as an indispensable oil. Its attributes of effectiveness, mildness and aroma are unequaled in the repertoire of essential oils. It is second to none for burns. It is antiseptic and analgesic and helps prevent scarring. Good addition to a balm or salve for sore, tired muscles, relieves inflammation and pain.

Lemongrass Oil- Lemongrass oil revitalizes the horse and is a great overall tonic for the body and it boosts the parasympathetic nervous system, which is a boon when recovering from illness, as it also stimulates glandular secretions.It is a broad spectrum antiseptic with high levels of biocidal activity against bacteria, fungi and insects. 

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Size: 500ml Also available in a Spray

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