Optimum Stop Watch - Compact
Optimum Stop Watch - Compact


Optimum Stop Watch - Compact

- Designed to be big and bold in the event market, also ideal for Carriage Driving Trials and Pony Club Events.

- Adjustable Viewing Angle - The clip that holds the watch to the fully adjustable elastic strap is designed to enable the case to be twisted to whichever angle best suits the wearer.

- Carriage Mounting Option - It is possible to take the strap out of the clip and mount the timer onto a carriage, using the spacer bar provided. Counts down from an easily programmable time - The watch can be set at any time in minutes and seconds. Once started the timer counts down to zero and alarms and then counts up showing the elapsed time over that set.

- Massive LCD display - the 38mm x 20mm viewing area has digits 16mm high.

- Compact & Comfortable - For a timer with such a big display the timer is very compact. The case is round which makes it far less bulky than some square timers.

- Count up from zero with minute marker alarm - For those who prefer it, simply set the timer to zero and press start. The watch counts up in minutes and seconds and the alarm sounds 4 beeps on every full minute.

- The watch can also be used to tell the normal time of day, an indicator tells whether it is am or pm. Water-Resistant Case - Guaranteed (10m depth).

- Low Battery Indicator.

Product ref: OWC

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